About Awake & Alive Mind

A publication on the science of consciousness

Awake & Alive Mind publishes articles about research, theory, art, and self-experimentation to consider the nature of consciousness from many perspectives. We publish commentary on research publications, deep explorations of nascent theories, critical analyses of quantitative and qualitative methods to measure and model consciousness, and interdisciplinary comparisons that may spark new ideas for future inquiry. Our goal in creating this publication is not to tell you what we think the answers are, but to support your own exploration of consciousness.

Our mission is to support scientists, philosophers, and curious individuals who aim to understand consciousness.

We aim to be clear and accurate, to provide context and technical detail, and to provoke original thoughts in the minds of our readers. There is no greater compliment you can give us than to join the discussion by writing a comment or submitting a story.

Our vision is to create resources and opportunities for the consciousness community.

Like the hubs of the brain that integrate specialized sensory information together to create a model of the world, we aim to integrate ideas from specialized disciplines to inform a model of consciousness.

Our initial aim is to make this publication and its associated social media channels a valued resource for the modern day study of consciousness.

Our larger vision is to become a non-profit organization that can provide funding opportunities for consciousness studies and intensive small-group workshops.

Our Editors

Georgeann Sack, PhD, Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Georgeann is a neuroscientist and author, with over ten years of research experience and five years of science communication, writing, and editing experience.

Brooke N. Dulka, PhD, Science Editor
Brooke is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where she studies the neurobiology of age-related cognitive decline. She is also a freelance science writer and editor.
Follow her on Twitter @NeuroDulka.

Seeking Editors and Writers

Please send all inquiries to awake.alive.mind@gmail.com

We are currently seeking editors for our philosophy and art sections. Section editors recruit writers, review drafts, provide copy edits and notes, put out calls for stories on focused topics, and write their own stories. If you are interested in becoming an editor, please include a list of relevant editing experience.

If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer, please send a story pitch or completed draft. This is a technical publication. We have more freedom in content and writing style than standard journalism practices. You are welcome to put yourself and your ideas in the story. Your story does not need to be about a publication that came out this week, though that is great too. Accuracy and context are more important to us than timeliness.